Summer Study Abroad

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Once back when I was a young writing student I wanted a little more than my own college experience was offering, and so I signed up for and took a summer writing workshop at Bennington College between my junior and senior years.

It was one of the best adventures I ever had.

I had no idea what to expect. I found a beautiful, slightly haunted Vermont college town with melancholy war memorials and a beautiful river with white stones where I soon learned to pass the time, drinking a beer and cooling off in the water. I had signed up to study first with Toby Olson and then with Mary Robison. I remember Mary Robison and James Robison sitting on the stage like rock stars, wearing sunglasses indoors due to the stage lights. Mary’s hair was crimped, and it made her my hero right away.

This was my first time experiencing the joys…

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Focusing on an obsolete approach of energy generation

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By Maria Soomro

Now a days , many so called experts have been laying stress on the building of dams as the solution to energy crisis.The stress has been seemingly laid on building Kalabag dam in order to generate more energy and increase agricultural productivity. Reality is different.The best experts in the science of Hydrology consider Building dams an obsolete approach towards controlling floods, energy generation and enhancing agricultural productivity.

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Lake destroyed by the drainage projects

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Devastation in Sindh & they say water is being wasted. Devastation in Sindh & they say water is being wasted.

By Maria Soomro

Manchhar lake , one of the Asia biggest fresh water natural lake has been turned into a saline water pond through ill conceived, non participatory and corruption riddled chain of Right Bank Outfall drainage Projects ( RBOD-I, RBOD-III, RBOD-II) carried out by WAPDA. The Drainage projects in the absence of good governance generate only destruction. Because, participatory development , proper operation and maintenance of projects are pre conditioned with deeply rooted culture of good governance in any country.

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Quick Tip: Pair Up for a Peer Audit

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Blogging is an ongoing adventure; we keep tweaking our sites and what we publish as we develop a community and learn more about what we like in a blog design (and more about how to use our blogging platform of choice).

Blogs should shift and grow as you do, but you also want to make sure you’re still giving off a good first impression as things change — and it’s not always easy to critique yourself. If you feel like your blog has gotten cluttered but aren’t sure how to tidy it up, having another blogger “audit” your site can be an eye-opener.

Don’t worry: this is a fun, helpful audit: you won’t end up in jail for tax evasion, and no mountains of paperwork are required. An audit, at its core, is a comprehensive, unbiased examination. When you audit someone’s blog, you give it a once-over to evaluate it from top to bottom, content to…

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Friday mystery object #252 answer

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Last Friday I gave you this object from the Horniman’s Anthropology collection and asked you to identify what it’s made from and what function it may have served:


The identification turned out to be the easiest question to answer, despite the modification of the bone. The shape of the end of the bone is a result of the epiphyses (the ends of the bone) detaching from the diaphysis (the midshaft of the bone), which tells us that the animal was a juvenile at time of death and that the bone is actually formed from two bones that have fused together down their length – which is why a similar pattern is repeated on the left and right side of the bone.

This sort of fusion is normally seen in the hand and foot bones of artiodactyls, which narrows down the possible species. Judging by the size and general proportions it would be…

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