BLLFs At A Galance

bonded labor liberation society established on march 1989 to eradicate bonded and child labor and working for the welfare of poor laborer and landless peasants.

The society have filed hundreds of cases in the courts and got relief for Haries, carpet looms workers and Bhatta Mazdoors against the draconian Peshgi (advance) system. BLLF filed first case for the liberation of Bhatta Mazdoor in march 1989 in Sindh High Court and successfully got released 104 laborer including men, women and children. In the history of Sindh, it was the first case in which hundreds of Bhatta Mazdoors from districts of Mirpurkhas, Hyderabad, Badin and Sanghar were liberated. This case is reported in Law Book LJ2459 PCr. 1990.

The organization worked hard to liberate Haries (landless peasants) and provide legal add to them in several cases. Doudou Oad and Kishno Bhel cases are famous.

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