kabhi tum bhi nazar aaow


subah say sham tak hum ko,
buht say loag miltay hain,
nigahun say guzartay hain,
koi andaz tum jesa,
koi hum nam tum jesa,
magar tum he nhe miltay,

buhat baychain phirtay hain
barhay baytaab rehtay hain
dua ko hath uthtay hain
dua main yeh he kehtay hain
lagi hai bheerh loagun ki
magar iss bheerh main Mohsin
kabhi tum bhi nazar aao

Published by Siddique Chandio

Siddique Chandio is blog writer and Senior web developer and data analyst. He worked since 2010 information technology facilator

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